Boat Owner FAQ’s

Q. What is the SleepAfloat Boat Owner Program?

A. The SleepAfloat Boat Owner Program is the easiest, most effective way for boat owners to earn extra cash. By offering your vessel for overnight accommodations to SleepAfloat guests, you can earn thousands in extra income and offset the high cost of boat ownership.

Q. What about liability?

A. SleepAfloat provides the boat owner with $1,000,000 in commercial liability insurance.

Q. What about Q. What does it cost to join the SleepAfloat Fleet?

A. It’s 100% FREE to join the SleepAfloat Program. It’s a pay for performance program meaning we don’t get paid until you do! SleepAfloat will handle all the costs related to promoting, marketing and booking your boat. The boat owner does not pay us for our services. We simply receive a commission out of the income generated on each booking.

Q. Where and how will my rental be listed?

A. SleepAfloat acts as your marketing, sales and service team. We manage every facet of the vacation rental marketing process strategically promoting your boat across the most popular vacation rental sites, our distribution partner sites and the SleepAfloat website.

We also promote bookings through highly targeted email communication campaigns, online advertisements and popular social media sites.

Q. How does SleepAfloat handle security or damage deposits?

A. SleepAfloat requires all guests to purchase Accidental Rental Damage Protection which covers them for up to $3,000 of any accidental damage that might occur during their stay. This insurance, provided through our third party insurer, is a more secure and reliable way to protect against property damages than a security deposit.

Q. Who sets the pricing?

A. SleepAfloat works with our owners to determine the best nightly rate that will work for all parties involved. We research the local market and make recommendations on price, but the ultimate decision is the boat owner’s.

Q. Can I block dates to use the boat for myself?

A. Yes of course! The beauty of our program is that owners can use the boat when they want and make money renting it to guests when they’re not using it.

We just ask owners to manage their calendars and block any dates they know they will be using it so we don’t make a booking during that time.

Q. How does SleepAfloat manage pre-stay communications with guests?communications with guests?

A. From the moment a lead comes in to the second a guest steps on board your boat, SleepAfloat remains the main point of contact for all guest communications.

Once a booking is made, SleepAfloat sends the guest all the pertinent information needed for their stay. Thirty days prior to their arrival we follow up with another email to ensure all their questions have been answered prior to arrival.

Q. Will I have access to my account online?

A. Yes. All owners are given a login and password to sign into their account through our online reservations system. Once logged in, owners can view details on their bookings as well as the availability calendar.

Q. When can I expect to be paid?

A. Owner statements and payments are sent out by the 20th of each month for the prior month’s pay period.

Q. Who manages paying taxes on my rentals?

A. SleepAfloat does. We collect the appropriate sales and local taxes from guests and remit them to the government on the boat owner’s behalf.

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